We sometimes get so caught up in winning, we lose the ability to connect with our deeper purpose, which is to help others and serve humanity. Whether it’s sharing a smile, helping a homeless person, donating your time, or a dollar to your favorite charity; every small act of compassion helps, every penny helps, every smile helps and every voice helps.

The foundation – the very culture and heartbeat of the company – is to inspire the human experience through the arts. Please continue to inspire those within your reach, and thank you for your time today.

Our Mission Statement

The Gedenk Movement is a non-profit organization that runs creative programs to promote tolerance to the youth. Our unique programs, utilizing arts and culture such as music, writing and dance as platforms for self-expression, strive to make a difference by increasing tolerance and ethnic understanding to safeguard a peaceful society.

Who We Are

The Gedenk Movement is a 501(c)3 established in 2008, by a small group of people, led by our co-founder and CEO, Grammy Award-Winning violinist, producer and humanitarian Miri Ben-Ari, originally from Israel and a third generation to Holocaust survivors, Ms. Ben-Ari co-founded Gedenk with the intention to fight discrimination and promote tolerance. The word GEDENK means “remember” in Yiddish.

What We Do

In the past eight years we have established a successful track record of creative campaigns that reached millions. Our current programs include “Gedenk Dance for Tolerance:” a social dance program in Jersey City public schools and “Gedenk Award for Tolerance:” a highly acclaimed national contest and scholarship program for middle and high school students to promote tolerance. In our third year partnership with “Scholastic Art & Writing Awards,” this program received an unprecedented amount of about 12,000 submissions nationwide which showed us that many young people today are passionate about promoting tolerance.
Past campaigns include a series of three public service announcements titled “The Holocaust happened to people like us.” With support of millions of dollars in free air time from television stations such as MTV, Viacom, FOX, NBC, MTV, ABC and CBS, Gedenk has increasingly been reaching millions of people to promote tolerance, diversity and ethnic understanding.



Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (RPAF) is dedicated to providing inner city youth across New York City with significant exposure to the arts, as well as to supporting emerging artists with exhibition opportunities.

Who We Are

Rush was founded in 1995 by three brothers: Danny Simmons, visual artist and community builder; media mogul Russell Simmons; and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC.Their goal was to fill the gap that the disenfranchised and people of color faced in both accessing the arts and exhibition opportunities.

What We Do

Over the past 20 years with the help of a broad base of friends, collaborators and supporters, Rush have been able to develop our main two program areas – Rush Education art programs for our youth and Rush Arts Galleries supporting and featuring emerging artists nationwide – working together in a seamless way to open up the arts to populations facing hurdles to the joy and benefits of these experiences.

Designed to inspire students, provide positive alternatives to high risk behaviors and support increased academic performance, Rush Education programs- Rush Little KidsRush Kids, Rush Teens and Rush Galleries in Schools directly serve over 3,000 students annually. In addition, each year through our Rush Arts Galleries- Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan and Corridor Gallery in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn- exhibit the work of over 100 emerging and community-based artists; welcomes over 10,000 gallery visitors; and provides unique opportunities for young people interested in careers in the arts.


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